Daedalus2 is the 2nd development stage of the Daedalus project in which the fall of a flight model from space or great heights is slowed down through autorotation for a safe landing of the model on Earth.

This principle used in Daedalus1 is now to be supplemented in Daedalus2 by a stabilization controller and a landing controller and supported by separation of the rotor from the main body.

By decoupling, the body can be stabilized better by the controller and it makes cleaner measurements possible. The flight stabilization is implemented by a cyclic adjustment of the rotor blades and control of the stabilization fins on the side.

That way, the seed is prevented from tumbling during flight and the speed is systematically reduced. With the help of additional ground detection sensors, the SpaceSeeds can recognize the ground early on and activate an AI-based landing controller which ensures a smooth landing.

We are very proud and grateful that with those improvements our 2nd generation of Daedalus has also been accepted for the REXUS/BEXUS program, this time in cycle 29/30. Thanks to this development, the possibility has arisen to test our further development stage in real flight from space and to provide further proof of functionality.